September 10, 2017

“Diamonds are Forever – But Socks Change Daily!”

by Julie Kaupert

“The definition of insanity is wearing the same plain socks every day and expecting a different outcome!”  – Albert Sockstein 

That’s just nuts. Crack those nuts in half and unveil your true personality – even if just a taste. Show off your awesomeness and turn heads with these crazy cool threads from Two Left Feet Sock Co. Colorful and bright, humorous and light, who can resist an assortment with styles like Endless Summer, Identity Crisis, Bad Golfer and Pineapple Express.

Two Left Feet is a unique collection of high-quality socks with quirky style and a good dose of wit.  Experience unmatched comfort and superior quality in these custom-designed, truly original socks. They make a memorable gift for the crazy fun people in your life.

And for those not-so-fun friends, we also offer Totally Boring Socks. Plain Janes in solid colors such as black, brown, blue and gray. These socks are a perfect add-on to the everyday assortment that throws just a bit of blah to balance the batty.

The everyday assortment comes with 36 unique styles in two unisex sizes. The plain socks are available in five colors and a 60-pc assortment. Sizing is as follows: Small Feet = Women’s 5.5-9.5, Men’s 5-8. Big Feet = Women’s 10-12.5, Men’s 8.5-13.

These loud and proud super-soft socks bring a hip and kooky flavor to your store – and will stand way above the rest. With Two Left Feet – you’ll be dancing in the streets. Trip on this!

“Diamonds are Forever – But Socks Change Daily!”  – Anonymous 

Coming soon… seasonal socks!! That’s right, Two Left Feet proudly presents socks for the most popular seasons of Christmas, Halloween, USA and St. Patrick’s Day. Get downright funky for the holidays in these oh so awesome and fun styles. Great gifts for yourself or someone else.

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