Pens with Personality

Multi-functional tools with an identity all their own. Unique to DM, pens with a push-button speaker that shout humorous outbursts on a rotating script of gag to bring amusement to any setting. Teaching aids to help a child learn the alphabet or about animals with exciting voices and sounds. FUNctional desk tools that deliver a smile to the home or office with each of the three-in-one uses.

Whether it holds a pen, a highlighter or a crayon, each item brings a level of delight and fun to the day. Put some exciting into writing!

• “I Said NO!” Pen
• “Blah! Blah!” Pen
• Barnyard Buddy Crayon Writer
• ABC Talking Crayon Writer
• Techie Tom 3-in-1 Stylus-Pen-Duster
• Highlighter Harry Pen-Highlighter-Cleaner
• Techie Tori 3-in-1 Stylus-Pen-Duster

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