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Countertop items that fly off the shelf including tech gadgets, personal care, holiday, novelty, travel and gifts.
Here’s a sneak peek at impulse products.

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Keep cold snacks and drinks cool, and hot plates warm in these handy totes.

TempaMATE® Thermal Totes


When you’re in a jam–reach for BAM! Each BAM flashlight has intense LED lights, powerful built-in magnet, included batteries, and an array of uses.

Bright all-purpose magnetic flashlights

en route

A comprehensive line of handy, travel-sized sets that resolve any number of on-the-go issues. Color-coordinated for continuity and the joy of the journey.

Compact travel accessories


Gain some clarity! Personal, pocket-sized enhancers light up with two times magnification. Take with you for easy reading in low-light, for small print or to repair tiny objects.

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Pens with Personality

Multi-functional tools with an identity all their own. Whether it holds a pen, a highlighter or a crayon, each item brings a level of delight and fun to your day.

Writing has never been so fun


Several styles for protection, action and fashion! Portable, lightweight and bright enough to illuminate just where you need it. Great for tight places and small spaces.

Light up your life with function and flair

Tech Gadgets

A fun collection of useful and convenient add-ons that make life simpler and more accessible. Practical solutions that allow you the freedom to be you in today’s world.

Your device’s new best friends


Snap and shake your way to glow central. Party packs, power panels and individual use units create a multitude of possibilities. Various sizes, connectors, and more come in each pack.

Your glow party headquarters

Oh So Pretty!

Create attraction! An array of full-sized beauty tools for primping and prepping to get a girl red-carpet ready. This line offers a kaleidoscope of colors in gorgeous prints – all as matching sets. Create a story in your store with these high-perceived sophisticated coordinates that paint a beautiful picture. Choose your beauty!

Salon style at home

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