July 24, 2017

Air-à-porter — Ready to Wear Airport Style

by Julie Kaupert

Travel much? We’ve got just the things to make the experience a little easier to handle. Wearables for the weary traveler.

The softness and relaxed fit of Hello Mello is our first line of defense in airport travel blues. Stylish, pure comfort that won’t keep you bogged down and lets you be free and relaxed. Especially for a longer flight, or having to sit on the tarmac for any period of time; I know I hate feeling trapped or stifled. In Hello Mello lounge pants, shorts, tops and tanks, passengers have a wide choice of what they feel most comfortable in. A fun feel that’s the perfect choice for a gal of any age. In addition, once you get to your destination, the clothes can double as your sleeping attire. People love packing less.

The latest addition to this line allows you to go from airport to anywhere in complete sophistication. Hello Mello Carefree Threads Collection of mélange-style cowl neck tops and tapered pants give you a luxe look that’s more upscale. Three heathered styles that project an elegant refinement, with the same softness and comfort as the originals. A great choice if you need to be somewhere the minute you step off the plane, and want to look and feel great!

If you’re a FITKICKS retailer, one of the best ways to create buzz about the products is to wear them. FITKICKS are great for long jaunts to the boarding area or gate, especially when it’s on the opposite end of a terminal. It’s a joy to get in a little extra exercise without carting clunky gym shoes. Also, your feet will be elated on the plane with freedom for your toes to roam without prejudice in protected comfort.

Ironically, wearing them might also help your sales. Many times people have asked me, “what are you wearing?” or “what are those?” At that point, give them information on how they can order from your store. It’s a great way to start a conversation, and turn it into profit. To most people they look like crazy cool socks; and many TSA agents rarely ask for them to be removed.

Both Hello Mello and FITKICKS are great for much more than air travel, but it’s thinking outside the box selling techniques that help you succeed in ways never imagined. Let us know how you’ve been enjoying and marketing the brands. Send an email to: Jkaupert@dmmerch.com with your story.

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